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Advantages of Specialty Pulp Basic Grades of Pulp Pulp Applications

Naturally, we have several standard grades of pulp that we produce regularly. These are ideal for many papers being produced. Of course, even among our standard grades of pulp, there are many variances that we can provide for our customers to give them the exact result they want.

Our Production: Currently 35 AD tons per day (32 ADMT)
Pulp Finish: Sheeted, dried, and baled (85% AD for domestic / 90+ AD for export)
Bale Size: 32 x 20 x 18 inches, approximately 400 lbs., gross, each
   (81cm x 51cm x 46 cm, approximately 181 kg., gross, each)
Shipping: We are able to ship approximately 20 AD tons per shipment
   (18.5 ADMT per 40 foot container)

Standard Grades

Grade 500
This product is run only once a month. 500 is extremely bright 94+ GE

Grade 875
This grade is non-fluorescent, has a brightness of 88 (GE), and will require more work in the beater (to reconstitute the pulp) than the 890 grade.

Grade 890
This is a bleached white product, with a brightness of 88+ (GE). It is very strong and clean. It has been refined more than our grade 875, and therefore requires less work in the beater to prepare.

Grade 920 – Denim
This product is not bleached, and is very dark, almost black. This product is run only once a month. Because of the very specialized nature of this product, we have a 2 truckload minimum (can be split between customers).

Grade 950 – Denim
This grade is a non-fluorescent, bleached product, with a brightness in the 80-82 range (GE). Occasionally, this pulp will have a slight blue tint to it.

Specialty Pulps
Other specialty or custom designed pulps can be created as needed. These are composed of natural fibers that offer texture or decorative effects, including cotton, industrial hemp (manila), abaca, jute, tobacco stalks, hay, straw, and other kinds of fibers.

When paper companies want to create a special paper, we encourage them to call us and specify the content, or perhaps the effect they want to create. We will make suggestions, and often run experimental mixtures for them.

We also have customers who purchase the raw materials themselves, then ask us to pulp it for them. We’re more than happy to provide this service whenever needed.

Pulp Blends
Sometimes a customer wants a blend of wood and fiber pulp. In some cases, the customer will mix the final blend themselves. In other cases, they may send us their wood pulp, and have us blend it for them with our cotton or other stock. We then dry and bale the resulting pulp mixture, ready to ship.