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Advantages of Specialty Pulp Basic Grades of Pulp Pulp Applications

Securities Papers. Manufacturers of papers for securities and certificates require very specific pulps. Some want a high brightness, and others don’t, depending on the style of paper or currency. A few want the pulp or paper to be very fluorescent, which is ultra bright – but most do not.

Calendar Roll Fill. We produce the pulp for a unique paper called calendar roll fill. This paper has a very high viscosity, with almost no chemical content at all. Interestingly, this paper is used as part of the manufacturing process for high-gloss paper – such as that used in magazines or catalogs. But calendar roll fill is not initially glossy. It’s cut into specific shapes, then layered onto a long roll, and compressed hydraulically until the entire roll looks like a giant rolling pin. Then the surface is machined smooth, finally achieving the hardness and smoothness of a formica countertop. Several rolls are placed onto a machine, and the paper being manufactured weaves around in multiple “S” patterns among many rolls, each exerting pressure on the paper. The end result is paper with a very high gloss. This special pulp produces a special paper that is used ultimately to give a glossy finish to “other” paper being manufactured.

Vulcanized / Abrasive Backings. Vulcanized fiber pulp is treated very harshly to create a paper that is suitable for abrasives, and abrasive backings such as sandpaper. These are very stiff, and can be cut with a saw or a die … or even machined. These types of paper go into abrasive wheels … dremel-style cutting, grinding, and sanding tools … and sandpapers.